Ø The two steps operate jointly and not severally (symbiotic).

Ø On introduction to your company, we operate with all of the above skills simultaneously.

Ø At the client's request and needs, we provide in all fields required, to achieve the best possible results needed for a positive outcome / result on the investigation.

Ø We offer a professional and cost effective service.


We have an available team of professionals that are part of Carnivore Consulting & Projects ready and able to render the necessary services required.

With vast experience, our operational activities are led by the executive member and a team of investigators.



Danie Nelson's contribution to this company is one of the vast and intense experiences in investigation whether criminal, civil, or forensic. He was part of the SAPS and governments system for 15 years where he was part of various special investigating teams country wide during this time, he did joint investigations with prosecuting authorities literally world wide. He was also part of the Dr de O'lleveire Special Investigating team who did all the relevant investigations against Eugene de Kock, Ferdie Barnard, Wouter Bason and all the 3rd force activities instituted by the past apartheid government. Danie has a National higher certificate in SAPS administration, a certificate in extensive detective investigations, certificate in forensic investigation, certificate in recruiting and handling of informants and various other certificates in criminal and investigation methods. He worked closely with the following agencies:
The director of public prosecution, The National intelligence Agency, Asset Forfeiture, SARS and other regulator agencies. Danie led various investigating teams while involved in forensic auditing contracts with organizations such as Spoornet, N.H.B.R.C. Department of Public Transport Gauteng and the Department of Defense. During this time, he led an investigating team for the Department of Defense to Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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